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20/1/2023 - Larry Carlton -It Was Only Yesterday

Another great purchase from Artist Guitars in Sydney. The HG39303CEQ Classical guitar. I love it!!

20/1/2023 - Larry Carlton -It Was Only Yesterday

I recently bought a cheap 335 copy from Artist Guitars in Sydney. I love it!!

20/1/2023 - Royalty Free Music by Andy Drudy

Having composed and performed on much music for TV and radio over the decades, I am pleased to announce my new venture offering royalty free music for media creators, TV and film production. Just follow the ''Media'' link in the menu.

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16/9/2022 - CAKEWALK by Bandlab, orchestral demo

Here is a piece I wrote to demo Cakewalk (by Bandlab), which I have used since the early days, with an orchestral piece using mainly Native Instrument plugins. Mainly KONTAKT. Cakewalk is now available FREE to download from the Bandlab website.

1/2/2020 - ALBATROSS Supergroup

In memory of the great and sadly departed Peter Green I put together a super group of musicians to perform his great Fleetwood Mac classic, Albatross. The band featured Guy Pratt on bass - Simon Phillips on drums - David Hentschell on keyboards - Myself and Dudley Ross on guitars and Chantelle Duncan on vocals.

26/8/2018 - Rick Beato

Currently addicted to Rick Beato!

15/8/2018 - Wayne Krantz Interview

One of the most strikingly original guitarists on the world stage plays regularly at New York's Bar 55. Wayne Krantz shares his unique view on the world, his band, and the processes of improvisation. Having graced the stage with acts such as Steely Dan, Wayne has now found his own place in the world with some of the most intelligent and cutting edge sounds you will find anywhere. Here is an interview I conducted a few years ago with the man himself. INTERVIEW

9/2/2018 - Gig Review Josh Smith – Worthing Pier's Southern Pavilion.

The thing about Thelonius Monk is that he only ever played his own tunes. His motivation was that he hoped his tunes would become part of the Jazz vernacular,which in due course, they did. One of those tunes was a funny little ditty called “Well You needn't”. The chords move up and down in a funny chromatic way and , myself, I could never be much bothered with it. However when Josh Smith pitched the melody into the middle of on him epic solos, I could not help but giggle just a bit. Smith's guitar playing is quite frankly, monumental. He uses every trick in the book. Great sonics, great rhythmic interjections, and uses a far richer pallet of melodic colour than your traditional blues guitarist. I pray to St Thomas that other blues guitarists would quote from the jazz bible. Oh, and the only good scales are those with twelve notes in them! And Smith used all of them. He combines blues, jazz and country in a perfect mix

This is Smith's first solo UK tour, using a British rhythm section – Jonathan Noyce on bass and Wez The Drummer (?) on drums. They smashed it! Combine that with my first visit to this lovely venue and passionate knowledgable packed crowd and the result was a remarkable a special evening. And Smith is special. He is a cut above your average blues guitarist. He is bringing new ideas and a new energy to the party which is rare in this world. There are some great YouTubes out there which I have been watching for some time. Live, there is a good deal more energy that I expected.

Highlights were the terrific ballad “Penance” and the final (but one) number which saw support act Ariel Posen, another superb player is his own right, take to the stage to play a cover of a Meters tune. Posen has this remarkable way on blending slide and fretted notes seamlessly.

An extraordinary gig by any standards.