The Disorder is a modern blend of blues and jazz with a rock twist. A mix of reworked cover
versions and enigmatic originals with some of the best musicians currently working in the UK.
Full of energy and surprises, there is never a dull moment. The line-up may change due to players
schedules but the band currently features...

Andy Drudy. Andy has been playing for over thirty years and has played in over 20 countries worldwide.
He was nominated in the 2013 British Blues Awards, releasing CD's on the Splash Point record label.
He has recorded several projects with the London Philharmonic Orchestra for Sony Records (USA);
Toured with EMI recording artist Zeke Manyika; Recorded with Jamaican pop star Freddie McGreggor;
Played with German Indie star Philip Boa and many more.

Mark Cherrie. With a playing career spanning over 30 years, Mark has travelled all over the world playing
music. His list of playing credits includes Edwin Starr, Jimmy Ruffin, Gary Barlow and many more.
Alongside his playing, Mark has had a separate career writing music for TV & film over the last
20 years and his music can be heard in programs such as Friends, ER, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
and literally 100s of other TV shows

Eric Ford. Eric has a diverse career including jazz with some of the UK's most outstanding musicians, pop
sessions and "world" music, and gave masterclasses at the China Drum Summit in Beijing in 2015 and '16
alongside some of the most celebrated and influential drummers of all time.

Terry Gregory. Terry has spent much of his career recording and performing on the international stage as the bassist
of choice for some of Britain's finest guitarists, including jazz virtuoso Martin Taylor and his award winning
Spirit of Django and Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.