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"Discover your musical talent with the guidance of an experienced guitar teacher!
With a passion for music and years of experience, I am here to help you reach your goals,
whether you are a beginner looking to start from scratch or an intermediate player seeking to improve your skills.
Learn at your own pace in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Book your lesson today and let's start making music together!"

Andy has taught at Brighton Institute of modern Music (BIMM), UK and has also worked for
Total Guitar Magazine and the Registry Of Guitar Tutors. Now living in NSW, Australia.

If you would like to know more about lessons, you may contact Andy on email at -
OR by telephone on TEL: 0403 763167 .
Address: 95 Donnelly Rd, Arcadia Vale, 2283, NSW - MAP

PRICING - 1/2 an hour $30 - 1 hour $50


This page contains a series of lessons and ideas that I hope you may find useful and enjoyable.

  • Music Theory for Guitarists: A crash course in essential music theory.
    Music Theory for Gutarists Exercise Answers

  • Minor Pentatonic Studies: A series of exercises and phrases in the Minor Penatonic.
    Pentatonics.pdf (509KB) Audio files(1.958KB)

  • Major Pentatonic Studies: A series of exercises and phrases in the Major Penatonic.
    Major pentatonic.pdf (323KB) Audio files(3.050KB)

  • Blues Scale Studies: A series of exercises and phrases in the Blues Scale.
    Blues.pdf (483KB) Audio files(1.958KB)

  • Sweep Picking Studies: A series of exercises demonstrating sweep picking techniques.
    Sweep Picking.pdf_(96KB) Audio files(333KB)

  • Jazz Part 1: II-V-I studies: Develop skills playing over II-V-I chord progressions .
    Jazz-II-V-I.pdf_(2.065MB) II-V-I Midi Files(333KB)

  • Jazz Part 2: Minor II-V-I studies: Develop skills playing over Minor II-V-I chord progressions .

  • Jazz Part 3: Essential Altered Scales: Learn how to play over those tricky altered dominant chords .
    Essential Altered Scales.pdf_(805KB)

  • Reading Exercises: Develop reading skills. Play long Sibelius files in C major.
    C Major Position 1.sib
    C Major Position 2.sib
    C Major Position 3.sib

  • A set of videos to get you started playing THE BLUES!

    Video 1: The blues scale
    Video 2: Play the blues using chord tones and arpeggios.

    Blues Jam Tracks

    Here is a selection of play along jam tracks to well known blues grooves.

    Slow 8 bar blues Jam Track

    Shuffle blues jam track

    G Minor Blues jam track

    Slow Blues jam track

    Reggae Blues jam track

    Cycle of fifths jam track

    Jazz Jam Tracks

    Here is a selection of play along tracks to well known jazz standards.

    Donna Lee jam track

    Bb blues jam track

    Fly Me To The Moon jam track

    Girl From Ipanema jam track

    Stella By Starlight jam track

    AllThe ThingsYou Are jam track

    Sweet Georgia Brown jam track

    Yardbird Suite jam track

    All Of Me jam track

    Bluesy A7th lick:The blues is a wonderful thing. Here is a nice little lick
    to keep all our blues friends happy. It starts on an G# and ends on an A and has nothing
    weird in it. It's a little bit jazzy and should work in any kind of A shuffle, bluesy,
    turnaround situation that you may find yourself in. It's kind of blues scale, and kind
    of Mixolydian (or A7th to the uninitiated).
  • Country lick:This lick is a little country thing that uses open strings to
    create a ringy almost pedal steel type of sound. It means you have to jump strings to
    catch the open notes which takes a little practice. It's in the key of D but starts with
    a run on A7th which resolves to D. This is a very common technique used by country players
    to create that Nashville kind of sound.
    lesson_2 (16K)
Lick 1 Noodles in G minor.

PDF File transcript

Sight reading exercises.

Here is a selection of sight reading exercises in different positions on the neck.

Sight reading in C position 1

Sight reading in C position 2

Sight reading in C position 3

Sight reading in C position 4

Sight reading in C position 5

Sight reading in G