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In recent times I have been putting together a Tubular Bells show. This features a 10 piece band and we are playing a run of shows at the prestigious Trading Boundaries in East Sussex as well as a show at The St Alban Arena. We play Tubular Bells in full as well as many of the many hits that Mike wrote and produced throughout his very prolific career.

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We have also a Pink Floyd show which is about as much fun as it is possible to have doing pretty much anything!

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I also have a Fleetwood Mac show and a Ricky Lee Jones show!!. We have been busy!

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PLUNGER - "A blues guitar EP with no blues guitarist pic? Öbut then Spark, the new release from The Andy Drudy Disorder is no ordinary blues guitar record: itís sophisticated, polished, inventive, subversive and unexpected." READ MORE...

MAXIMUMVOLUMEMUSIC.COM - "....has Pat Travers on it, which basically means that whatever MV writes about it now, The Disorder have already won.... a fabulous and diverse EP" READ MORE...

SPARK is the new EP from the Andy Drudy Disorder. Seven tracks with some very special guests and
some intriguing twist and turns. Released under the famous Splash Point Records Label, this 2016
effort brings the band smack up to date. Full of surprise and invertion.

1. SPARK - "I have always been fascinated by the guitar three piece and one of my favourites of all time has been The Pat Travers Band, particularly
the Making Magic album. So I am thrilled to have Pat guest on this track on slide guitar. I am equally thrilled to have one of the world's
greatest contemporary bass players on board, the one and only Stu Hamm. I am thrilled most of all to have the two of them trading fours on this track.
This track is a bit special for me"

2. JEFFERSON COUNTY BLUES - "This is a straight forward blues but given a modern shake down with some synths thrown into the mix."

3. 2-8-2 OUT OF MISSOULA - "This started off being an AC/DC throwback, but somewhere along the line it headed west. On the heavier side of things for me, but a fan's favourite"

4. THE VOYAGER - "My tribute to Hank Marvin. One of the few modern guitarists that can deliver a melody in style. A genius in my book. Apache is ingrained in my psyche."

5. DON'T EVER LET ME SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN - " This track goes back nearly 15 years for me. A relic from the Steamhouse era and a co-write with Mandy Bell. But it never saw
the light of day so I am more than happy to bring it to life with the incredible Jessica Greenfield on vocals."

6. THE TEMPEST BLUES - "It started with the riff that seemed to linger around and demanded to be worked on. A seven minute epic emerged. I would have liked to have made it
a couple of minutes longer but lost my nerve"

7. COLD CLASSICALS - "Another co-write with my friend David Hentschel. An ethereal piece and some guitar that I am really rather fond of."


Carl Verheyen - "Just got off the road and gave the new disc a spin. Man I love this record! Scallywag is burning"
Blues and Soul magazine - "It is a fine showcase for a "new" UK talent, as a singer, a songwriter and one of the
best guitarists you will hear in the UK today!". READ REVIEW

I have never felt the urge to become a "solo artist" until recent times. As a guitarist, different influences pull me in different directions and no one is as surprised as me as
to the end result of this collection of music. My recent heroes are Wayne Krantz and Carl Verheyen.
So I would have imagined my solo album to be full of blistering solos and clever left field writing. But no. What has come out is to all intents and purposes "simple" music. Which in retrospect is
not such a surprise. My favorite records are albums that have reached a very wide audience. Hell I LOVE AC/DC. I love Def Leopards "Hysteria"; I love "Dark Side Of The Moon".

So, what we have here is an album of simple tunes, almost pop tunes. I steal from those musicians I aspire to and bundle the ideas into soundscapes like balls of tiny pieces of plasticine forced into odd shapes.
The guitar solos hopefully make as bigger splash as possible with as fewer notes as can be. The arms race is not for me I'm afraid.
Fire in the Hole is a simple indulgence. Sorry!

These pieces were written during a brief say in Melbourne , Australia, and another period stuck in Eastbourne around 2009 - 2011. I hope you like