Session page of UK guitarist Andy Drudy.

On-line guitar sessions

I have over the years played countless sessions for TV,radio, media and for record companies. The world at this time requires players such as myself to record parts at home in my own studio and then transfer the files over to any client. This is a fabulous way of working and I have done so with great success.

Studios I have worked in range from Abbey Rd to Realworld.

For recording I can access vitually any high end gear such as mikes, compressors or preamps. In terms of instruments I also have access to most commercialy available guitar instruments. All work is done in my private home studio.

Rates are negotiable and competitive. I am always excited at working with new people. Please EMAIL ME for more information.

Free guitar samples

I have made a number of guitar samples available for you to use for free. these are available at..

As I say, feel free to use them at will. A credit would be nice but is not a deal breaker.