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Hi, My name is Andy Drudy, allow me to introduce myself. I live in a small town on the south coast of England, called Seaford I have been a professional musician for the last 'god knows how many years'including session work and touring ,and now specialize in music for TV and film. I studied at GIT Los Angeles in 1982. I play with Jazz Dive Sue Richardson with whom I have the great pleasure of playing at many jazz festivals and concerts around the UK & Europe.ALSO, fab dance/funk/jazz combo B-Hut, with whom I hope to make plenty use of my newly aquired Coral Sitar Guitar. I Have taught at The Brighton Institute of Modern music. I have also been a contributer to "Total Guitar" magazine, (the biggest selling Guitar mag in the UK).

I had the great honour of co-producing an album with jazz vocalist/piano player Liane Carroll for Splash Point Records, which as we speak, is doing great things. Liane is a regular performer at Ronnie Scott's club. We are now preparing for the next release with jazz diva Sue Richardson. I have also recently completed a computer science Bsc at Sussex University.(Which I should really try and use some time!)

I am a keen cycle tourist, having recently completed my second trip across the USA (4,120 miles) in the summer of 2001 and across Australia (2,500 miles) in 2005. Future plans include cycling the across New Zealand at some point. As far as music goes, watch out for various solo recording hopefully at the end of 2009. . Watchout for various new rock and jazz projects in the near future. Product will hopefully be available on this site shortly. Also, please visit my homepage at www.andydrudy.com.andHope you enjoy this page.

This trip started at JFK NY. Having last time taken a more southerly route down the old route 66 (The old two-lane highway still exists in places as a service road to the interstate. It is not serviced and trees grow up the middle of it, but it is passable on a bike.), I headed north through up state NY towards Niagara. Camping in all sorts of strange places, I ended up in the KOA site near the falls. Did the best thing and went on a tour (about $50). This is definitely the best way to see the falls as you get to jump all the queues!...........
The Black Hills, South Dakota
In October 2005 I undertook a cycle ride across Australia from Perth to Sydney. Pretty much the only time to undertake this journey is in the Australian Spring or autumn. A summer crossing across the central Nullabor would be far to hot, reaching temperatures of up to 40роо.........

I would invite you to visit my webpage for "The Andy Drudy Disorder". My on-going blues - rock - jazz crossover project.With the release of our first EP in July 2012 the band continue to gig and tour around Europe and the UK.
The Blues Civilisation)