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Carl Verheyen is a major presence in the guitar world. In 1985, Carl became lead guitarist for the British rock group Supertramp, since then he slipped into the enviable position of being one of L.A's first call studio guitarists. This current series of dates features Carl playing solo concerts with his own inimitable grasp of countless styles and techniques. A thrilling chance to see one of the worlds formost guitarists at work.
Carl has taken time to give an in-depth An in-depth Carl Verheyen interview
Carl Verheyen

LorneLofsky (2K)
Having established his name and reputation sharing a stage with the great Oscar Peterson, Lorne Lofsky remains a powerful voice in the world of jazz guitar. Either with his debut 1982 album "It Could Happen To You", or his more recent recordings with his band Inside Out, Lorne continues to push the boundries.

Swedish guitarist Andreas Öberg
One of the brightest emerging stars in the global jazz guitar scene is Swedish player Andreas Oberg. Energy, composition and frightening technique, Andreas is certainly an exciting new prospect. Waving the flag for Hot Club, Mr Oberg is currently playing festivals and concerts all round Europe and the Americas. Check this guy out, you won't quite believe what you are hearing!!

Liane Carroll is without doubt one of the most outstanding talents the British jazz scene has ever produced. Recently acknowledged by the BBC, by being the first person to ever win two awards in one year at the Radio 2 Jazz Awards (some would say such recognition was long overdue). Her second album on Splash Point Records, "Standard Issue", has met with outstanding reviews worldwide. Liane gives an insight into her thoughts and discusses her current projects.
Liane at Ronnie's

Wayne Krantz
One of the most strikingly original guitarists on the world stage plays regularly at New York's Bar 55. Wayne Krantz shares his unique view on the world, his band, and the processes of improvisation. Having graced the stage with acts such as Steely Dan, Wayne has now found his own place in the world with some of the most intelligent and cutting edge sounds you will find anywhere.

Long after his untimely death, Alan Murphy's guitar playing continues to impress.
Having recorded/performed with the great and the good of the British pop industry, (including Level 42, Kate Bush,& Go West) his unique style and flair live on in many great recordings, including that of his own band SFX. For those too young (or old) to remember, read about possibly one of the UK's greatest guitar players, Ever!
Alan Murphy with Level 42

Amanda Cook
As a rising star in the classical world, Amanda Cook is making serious waves on the UK guitar scene. Having released her first solo album, she continues to dazzle at concerts in the UK and abroad. Read about how this award winning guitar player started out and find out where she's heading.

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